Oh, to be swept off your feet by a gentleman that can dance and you can learn how!

Don’t get left behind! Suva is learning how to Social Dance & Etiquette Dance Salsa, Bachata, Waltz, Foxtrot, Jive, Cha Cha Rumba, Argentine Tango.

View Graduation Gallery. -- Salsa1 graduates 2017, and MIS Etiquette Ball 2017:

BACHATA - SALSA PARTY Friday 19th January 2018, lesson 6:30pm & Social. Venue Traps Middle Bar. Cover $15/dancer pass onto your dance guide Diana. NEW YORK Advanced Salsa and Bachata dancer visiting Fiji Shores! accepted my invite to be Guest Dance Guide. Please bring correct change $15/dancer. I do Not provide change.

Ten dancers CONFIRMED in advance! Event created, Traps MIddle Bar scheduled, announced by Whats On Pacifica Fiji.

C'mon Fiji, get off your chairs Leaders! Learn to dance well! Gorgeous Follows will fill your Social dance card -- including this good dance guide.

INVITATION to all Salsa1 Graduates => attend January's Salsa Party at no charge! Be a Guest Dance Guide too! Refresh your Salsa1 Vocabulary! See you on the dance floor Fiji!

JOIN our Private dance group, become a member of Social Dance Academy Fiji and Friends. Send Private Messenger your email where I may send receipt after lesson

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Social / guided practicum after dance lessons. DANCE to LIVE. REGISTER, scroll down to THINGS TO KNOW.

Salsa1 Graduation 2017, Traps Manager Dylan hosted SALSA PARTY Middle Bar wiith bouquets of flowers, pitchers of Sangria and other drinks two-for-one till 9pm!

Fiji used to know how to dance! Where are all the guys in Fiji!? We have classes full of ladies.
Any Leads in Fiji interested getting off their chair, off the wall and back onto the dance floor (lol) !

THINGS TO KNOW: Our workshops are an introduction to Etiquette dance. Focus is on building strong foundation techniques including: connection, lead and follow, musicality, connecting to the floor, turns, footwork, frame, posture and more!  Many of the skills you learn in one workshop transfer over to, and help with other dance styles as well!  On top of learning great technique, dancers learn fun new moves to use out on the dance floor! Our workshop(s) syllabus is ongoing in nature, which means you can easily join back the classes and continue learning till your 6 workshops are done.  

REGISTRATION. Receipts sent to you by email. Bring correct amount. I do not provide change.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! Call Diana 679 331 0317 | m 830 8446 in Advance to schedule interest.

Introduction to America's favorite Social Dance the FOXTROT! -- adapted to many different kinds of music for example R&B Rhythm&Blues, disco & country western because of the popular four-four timing. No matter where a dance may go, you will be comfortable with the Foxtrot. FOXTROT - Social Dance Academy Fiji

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