Oh, to be swept off your feet by a gentleman that can dance and you can learn how! A new Life Skill you can enjoy for years to come! We guide you in social dancing the whole family can enjoy! Social Dancing requires a Partner (or multiple Partners), has Set Rules (vocabulary), and is not choreographed. Social Dance has an associated Music Style -- provides the Proper Rhythm for the Dance. Social Dancing is a part of a Social Occasion.

MISSION. Memory, a powerful force! Fiji used to know how to Social Dance! Help Fiji remember how to Social Dance -- get our gentlemen off their chairs, off the wall and back onto the Dance Floor! Healthy for the Whole Family! Gentlemen Take Note! Beautiful Ladies willing to line up the whole night to sign your dance card, this good dance-guide Follow included!

REGISTERED | PRIVATES | WEDDINGS | MAGIC MIXERS | CORPORATE THEMES .. salsa, tango, merengue, bachata, cha cha, rumba, Rock 'n' Roll / jive, waltz, foxtrot, Country / Texas two step, R&B Rhythm & Blues, Africa's famous Sokkie Dance