LESSON IN PROGRESS. Gentlemen executing basic dance vocabulary!


beautiful Ladies execute basic dance-turn vocabulary!

Follows now executing practicing Turn! Leads likewise do The same!

the Embrace!

Couple executing dance vocabulary in the Embrace. Etiquette Rules:) Lead's Role, Follow always feel beautiful, safe & securel! And it shows! Lead feels the joy too!

Time for Turns :) Practice Flow! Guest Dance Guide Akilah/Follow executing Reverse Turn from Dance Guide Diana's Lead

beautiful Follow finishing Outside turn!

The Embrace preparing Turn! & change Partners practice same!

More Joy!! Beautiful Follow made it through Turns with more than one partner!! Makes this Dance Guide's heart sing!

Yeah!! Every dancer made it through more than one Turn with both arms! More Joy, made it through the Turns with more than One Partner!! Makes this Dance Guide's heart sing!

Social/ guided practicum after Lesson! Enjoy the video! Makes this Dance Guide's heart sing to see Fiji starting to remember how to Partner Dance!

First Graduating Class 2017 - Salsa Level I March 21st. Three more graduates to pickUp certificates.


REGISTERED | PRIVATES | WEDDINGS | MAGIC MIXERS | CORPORATE THEMES .. salsa, tango, merengue, bachata, cha cha, rumba, Rock 'n' Roll / jive, waltz, foxtrot, Country / Texas two step, R&B Rhythm & Blues, Africa's famous Sokkie Dance